Project Products

RDI2CluB integrates administration, research and development units and business support organisations from the 5 regions in a joint effort to increase the development of intelligent and sustainable bioeconomy in rural areas of the Baltic Sea Region.

Through an international learning process, Regional Bioeconomic Profiles and Joint Action Plans will be developed to increase the innovative capacity of individual regions.

Partners regions will then build a common innovation model and digital platform, as a virtual environment for cooperation in the development of new bioeconomy products and services. The platform will also have an interface to access data on natural resources and the bioeconomy potential in different regions.

Local pilots, carried out with the participation of end-users, i. e. small and medium-sized enterprises, will help to better understand the potential of regional smart specialisation in the field of bioeconomy, as well as test the efficacy and functionality of the international innovation model and digital platform.